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Apr 18 '14

The current plan.

Well I currently have all the stuff for the Manjaro build server developed on the KVM based VPS. I can login via SSH and run a single script to do the entire build of Manjaro. It operates very cleanly and works quite well.

I have been tracking the Parallella project for a while now, I thought I could do something extremely interesting with them so I asked some friends for their opinions. One of…

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Apr 12 '14

Build server info & more.

Build server info & more.

Okay so my host kindly upgraded my inode count by 10% which enabled me to use 275k inodes. I still am not sure whether this is going to be enough to create an ISO. I was also advised that if I increase my space on the VPS that the inodes should increase accordingly and if not to ask them again for more inodes.

The error message that occured when I would run a pacman -S from within the chroot has…

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Apr 11 '14

build server inode issues!

build server inode issues!

I am having inode issues with the VPS that I am setting up for the build, I contacted my host to see if I can get the issue resolved. The issue is that I have maxed out my inode count when creating the chroot so it does not finalize correctly and Leaves no inodes for building the images.

I currently have used around 220k inodes and the cap is 250k inodes, it takes around 40k just to create the…

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Apr 9 '14

Manjaro build server progress!

Manjaro build server progress!

Yesterday on my day off I went and had breakfast and coffee. I brought my chromebook with me to do some work or at least some research on getting a working Manjaro build server that ran on another Linux distribution. At first I was a little confused at what was required.

Originally I was advised that all I needed was pacman. Great I thought, pacman is in my repositories, I’ll get pacman installed…

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Apr 5 '14
manjaro crouton renamed celce

Since I need something that is current in order to fix my crouton build (which I am considering doing soon.) I need to have access to a working install with merge tools and such.

manjaro crouton renamed celce

Since I need something that is current in order to fix my crouton build (which I am considering doing soon.) I need to have access to a working install with merge tools and such.

Apr 4 '14

XFCE + KWIN howto.

XFCE + KWIN howto.

This is going to be a general how to that does not go into extreme detail. I am writing this because I mentioned running XFCE + KWIN in a thread a friend posted about the KDE framework being upgraded to use QT5. He showed interest in this setup and desired to know a bit more about it.

I will be explaining which packages are needed and some of the challenges of running cross-de software like this.…

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Mar 28 '14

Wrong jumper!

The jumper I got is way too big for what I needed to coreboot my chromebook, I am going to have to keep an eye out for a jumper that will work!

Thus being the case when I have time I may work on manjaro crouton still. I am not happy about this though.

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Mar 24 '14

Expansion on Arch OpenVZ VPS plan.

Expansion on Arch OpenVZ VPS plan.

I want to expand on my vision of what the OpenVZ server will do, I am pretty sure it is possible to get manjaroiso working on something with access to pacman.

The reason I am setting up this server is upon request, nobody asked me to set up a server but people did want me to update my Manjaro respin, This videocaused a whole bunch of people to request an updated spin. I do not see the demand for…

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Mar 24 '14

Gentoo VPS - installed, waiting on reboot.

Gentoo VPS – installed, waiting on reboot.

I have completed the handbook a second time for the Gentoo install verifying that everything should be correct.  I am going to wait on a reboot due to the possibility of getting locked out of the server while at work.

At least I can use it from the ISO via a chroot and work on getting required software compiling!

I’ll post more info when I have some!

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Mar 24 '14

Idea for the OpenVZ Server.

Idea for the OpenVZ Server.

Since OpenVZ did not do what I wanted I needed to get the KVM server. That did not mean I wanted the OpenVZ server to go to waste. Here is my plan for the OpenVZ server.

It will run Arch Linux and be used for manjaroiso building and hosting. Having the host build the image makes sense to me because then I do not have to upload them and thus making more frequent builds would be a possibility.


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Mar 24 '14

KVM Server will be Gentoo install in progress :)

KVM Server will be Gentoo install in progress :)

The host I am using for my VPS mounted an image of Gentoo for me to use. Anyone that has done a Gentoo install before knows that it can take some time to get everything just right. I started the install yesterday and did not finish it before I needed to go to sleep.

I am going through the gentoo handbook a second time to double check everything since the first time around I got lost in the…

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Mar 22 '14



So the host that I choose to go with for my VPS said that Gentoo would work with OpenVZ. There is a version of Gentoo that ‘partially’ works to allow me access, it gives me access but the build is so old that it requires maintenance to operate correctly.

Gentoo being source based with OpenVZ means I was attempting to fight a losing battle, I should have purchased a KVM based VPS instead of a…

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Mar 21 '14

Thoughts of how to make my site better in the future.

Thoughts of how to make my site better in the future.

I have noticed for a while that my site is not the easiest to navigate. I have a few ideas of how I could refactor my site to be easier to find stuff. I am thinking of first blogging my ideas here on this site. Then possibly adding the information from this site to a wiki so it is easier to find and modify how articles are linked. I am going to look into all the options on doing this. I have…

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Mar 12 '14

Migrated from one illness to another.

Migrated from one illness to another.

I migrated from some stomach flu to a head cold. It looks like it is going to be a while before I am in a state where my mind is clear and I can realistically start developing again. I feel bad that the time I happen to get sick is the same time as when something is broken. Not only that I pretty much ‘have’ to fix the issue on my desktop for various reasons, this is why it is not getting done…

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Mar 4 '14

Kickstarter - Microsoft Office Word Processor for iPad

Kickstarter – Microsoft Office Word Processor for iPad

Here is a link to one of the stupidest Kickstarter projects I have ever seen.

It is a Kickstarter project to port MS office over to the iPad. The kicker is that you get nothing for supporting the project. Why would anyone want to pay to have a proprietary software ported when there are free alternatives that would be easier and cheaper to port!

It is no wonder this Kickstarter project has not…

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